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CNG Regulator/Reducer

1.cng regulator 2.double outlets 3.cng reducer 4.high-emission
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CNG regulator is used for decompression of high pressure of vehicle cyliner compressed natural gas. After it connects power of electromagnetic coil,CNG(Compressed Natural Gas) enters from high pressure gas inlet and through high-pressure valve enters into first-level decompression chamber for the first-level decompression,then enters into second-level through channle 1 and 2 and follows by the same operation in second-level and third-level.At last cng enters into 
automobile engine through low pressure gas outlet and low pressure pipe.

1,cng regulator
2,Displacement  <=6000cc
3,the type of engines    is  Carburetor and Single Point Injection
4,output pressure on first stage is 0.5-0.6Mpa
5,output pressure on second stage is o.15-0.22Mpa
6,output pressure is 0--100 pa
7,working pressure is 20Mpa
8,test pressure 20 Mpa
9,output flow 40nm3/h
10,working temperature is -40degree to 120 degree
11,specification of coils is  12VDC,17W
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